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"Expressing his central topics: the internal distortions, layers and structures of the human psyche.

Drawn under the surface of explosive colors the fine structures of figurative spirituality can be defined.

Chagallike beings in tunnels, tubes and spirals revolve as in the eternal course of becoming and passing away from love, life and death.

Although very colourful and expressively bright, many things appear dark and puzzled. One can feel the tension, fears and conflicts between the inside and outside world.

Power, war, violence, the chaos tamed by the masterful hand

of the artist alone, involved in a harmony of colour and line.

Nature, history, God and the world, and in between man

with all its passion and the abysses of his existence:

Everything is part of a whole, amoeba-chained together

and interwoven. "

Dr. Rupprecht Konrad
Art historian